Upgrade your phone to Windows 10 Mobile

If your Windows phone 8.1 device is on the list of devices that will be upgraded to Windows 10 mobile, you can upgrade to Windows 10 by downloading the Microsoft ‘Upgrade Advisor’ app from the store and proceeding with the OS upgrade. Figure: The Windows 10 Mobile start screen displaying the new background picture layout […]

Disable the Surface 3’s Windows Button

If you use a Microsoft Surface 3 in landscape mode you may find that it is easy to accidentally press the physical Windows button when holding the tablet. If so, this button can be disabled from within the Surface app in Windows 10. Simply open the app and turn the ‘Windows button’ option off (the […]

Windows 10 tip: Get the classic calculator

If you’re not a fan of the new Metro-style calculator that Microsoft ships with Windows 10, you can get the classic Windows calculator by installing Microsoft’s Calculator Plus utility. Once installed, select the ‘Classic View’ theme from the app’s ‘View’ menu and you will get a Windows 2000-like calculator that is much more responsive than the default […]